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short term health insurance gap insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

Why Short Term?:  Easier and quicker to apply for, usually costs less than permanent plans, ideal for gaps between permanent plans.

Period:  Minimum 1 month, maximum 3 months.  Repurchase for another 3 months.

Choose Mode:  Either pay month by month, or pay for the whole period at once (costs less than month by month but you need to know up front how long you need it for).

Choose from:  3 insurance companies.
Most health insurance companies do not offer short term coverage.

Fast Issue:
If approved, short term health insurance can usually be in effect as soon as 12.01 AM of the day after the application is received by the health insurance company (done online or faxed), or the day after the postmark if mailed.

•  After the insurance company's site opens, there will be a link to plan coverage information on the first or a following page, as well as quotes and an online application. You should read what is and is not covered.

•  Short term health insurance does not cover any pre-existing conditions as defined by the insurer and allowed or specified by state law, e.g., anything diagnosed or treated prior to the effective date, usually the previous 12 months, but may be up to 5 years in some plans.

•  Short term policies are typically designed to be temporary catastrophic coverage.  Usually, you don't get any co-pays for doctor visits or prescriptions.  Like other medical expenses in a short term policy, they are paid after you have first paid your chosen policy deductible.

•  A pregnant woman or expectant father is not eligible for a short term policy, in most/all states.

•  In some states, you can apply for up to three consecutive 12 month periods, so if approved, coverage could extend for up to three years.

•  If your answers to the application questions result in an approval, you should recieve an email confirming your policy issue within an hour or two, if not minutes.

•  If previously declined for insurance for health reasons, and the condition is still present, try this

•  If short term coverage is not available in your state, apply for continuous coverage ('long term' or 'permanent' health insurance) as a substitute. Since continuous coverage is month to month, it can also be used for the short term if necessary.

Short Term health insurance plans

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•  Urgent Care Center $50 copay, not subject to deductible!
   (does not apply to emergency room treatment at a hospital - which is subject to deductible)

•  Application does not ask for prior U.S. residency or for a Social Security number.

•  A prior denial for health insurance does not cause a decline on the HCC Life short term application.

Read the "Review Coverage" summary before applying because certain procedures are not covered e.g., total or partial hysterectomy, unless it is medically necessary due to a diagnosis of carcinoma, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, sinus surgery, etc.

Insurer: HCC Life Insurance Company rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best (checked 6-2011).

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Secure STM — IHC

•  There is a question in the application, "Has any person applying for coverage been declined for health insurance for a condition that is still present?". If this is the case, use one of the other carriers available in your state.

A Lower Priced Plan — Secure Lite STMGet quotes - Apply

This is a limited benefit plan. There are maximum benefits for most/all medical services. Please read the Plan Details - look for the link above the quote results.

For both plans:

Pre-existing conditions not covered includes "... any medical condition or sickness for which medical advice, care, diagnosis, treatment, consultation or medication was recommended or received from a doctor within five years immediately preceding the covered persons effective date of coverage; or symptoms existed within the 5-years immediately prior to the covered persons effective date of coverage which would cause a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment... " unless limited to a lesser period by state law (see the "What medical expenses are covered" link in quote results).

Insurer: Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best (checked 6-2011).

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AAIC — Horizons

•  There is no question in the application that refers to prior denial for insurance for health reasons.

•  Optional accident rider (designed to reduce your out-of-pocket cost for treatment of accidental injury).

Insurer: American Alternative Insurance Corporation rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best (checked 6-2011).

Short Term Health Insurance Florida

Extending Coverage:

A second policy is not a renewal of the first, but is a new application for a new policy. In our experience, if any claims are made on the first policy, an application for a second policy would likely be declined by the same insurer.

However, provided no uninsurable condition has developed, another insurer may issue another short term policy. Some states may have limits on how many times you can immediately reapply for short term coverage.

NOTICE DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is merely a preliminary guide, is not comprehensive, and may have changed and is now inaccurate. See coverage description on the insurer page which appears when you click on the link, or in the brochure and policy for current coverage and more detail. Items listed above as items not covered are not the complete list of such items.